2009 Cumberland Beef Day set for April 9



The 2009 edition of Cumberland Beef Day will be held Thursday, April 9 at the White County Fairgrounds in Sparta, TN. Cumberland Beef Day is put on by the White/Van Buren Cattlemen’s Association and is one of the premier educational events in Tennessee each year.

This year’s theme will be “Management for Challenging Times” and will feature Dr. Daryl R. Strohbehn, Professor with Iowa State University. Ken Givens, the TN Commissioner of Agriculture, will also present an update on the status of the Tennessee beef industry and give an update on the TN Agriculture Enhancement program.

The agricultural economy, along with the overall economy, is in a period of turmoil that makes it increasingly difficult to survive. Proper management from the planning stage through each phase of beef production is critical for beef producers to remain viable in today’s market climate. Cumberland Beef Day is an excellent chance to meet and talk with other producers and discover how they meet the challenges we all face. Also, an

excellent group of speakers will be on hand to discuss ideas for improving our operations. Raymond Cooper, better known as “No Hay Ray” from his appearance in the Cooperator magazine, will give insight on how he

transitioned to producing beef cattle without putting up hay.  Dr. Emmit Rawls, Beef Marketing Specialist with UT Extension, will talk about the market outlook and perspective, and UT Extension Farm Management Specialist Kevin Ferguson will speak on Beef and Forage Math.

This year in addition to our indoor speakers, we will also have demonstrations going on outside in the pavilion. Demonstrations will include freeze branding and using ultrasound technology to measure ribeye and detect pregnancy. Dr. Clyde Lane will also give a demonstration on stock trailer safety and transportation, and a representative from the TN Department of Safety will discuss stock trailer regulations.

In addition to the speakers, Cumberland Beef Day will also feature an extensive trade show, lots of door prizes, and bulls for sale at private treaty. A sponsored lunch will also be provided. The 2008 Cumberland Beef Day kicks off at 9:00 a.m. and will conclude at approximately 3:00 p.m