Adult education night classes being formed



The Clay County Adult Education Program is now accepting applications for the formation of night classes as well as accepting students for day classes.  

Classes depend on sufficient enrollment; an average of at least 10 students is required.  Classes are FREE and will meet at the Adult Education Building in Celina.  If we have sufficient numbers of students in one of the community areas to have an evening class at one of the schools we would be able to provide a teacher for this type class also.

Night classes are a good option for adults interested in earning a GED and who are also currently employed.  The quality of instruction provided by night classes is comparable to that of regular day class programs.  When Clay County Schools are closed for weather or holidays, adult night classes will also be cancelled.

Our Adult Education Program is an important part of the Clay County educational commitment to providing education services which enable anyone 18 years or older to fulfill their potential in a positive learning environment.  The length of time it takes each student to obtain his or her GED is an individual matter.  We invite anyone interested in working for their GED to call, 931-243-5519, and enroll either in day or evening classes.