Adult education offers the classes needed to succeed in life


We all know that education is the key to success in today’s world.   The Clay County Adult Education center offers a FREE self-paced program where students complete the required courses to earn a GED.   Getting a helping hand from our teachers and staff will give you the skills to do great on the GED test.

Many people are hesitant to get their GED diploma because they do not want to go back and relearn all the high school subjects.  But the GED Prep Program is not like that.  It doesn’t require you to memorize dates, formulas, or ideas like you did in high school.  If you finished the eighth or ninth grade then we should be able to help and with a little brush up you should do very well on the test.

Know before you take the test that you should pass.  Clay County Adult Education Center will give you a practice test and analyze your test results to tell you exactly what you need to study to pass the GED test.  Should you have trouble in one area then that is all you have to restudy in order to retest.  You don’t have to sit for the entire test once you pass parts of the GED.

Classes are very different at the Adult Education Center.  You will be taught what you need to know in an easy, fun and stimulating way.  Everyone is successful, no matter how long it has been since you were in school.  We have no time limit for the hours you must attend, however GED study can be fast and rewarding if you are willing to give your time and study for a timely completion.

We have day classes, can offer an evening class if we have 12-15 people to register and attend weekly, or we can set you up for distant learning.  Come by or call (243-5518 or 243-5519) the Adult Education Center in Celina to learn more.  Our teachers are Coretta Denton and Phyliss Boyce and our paraprofessionals are Linda Arnett and Helen Amburgey.  The program supervisor is Anna Ruth Locke.

If you would like to enroll in Adult Basic Education or GED preparation classes for the first time, you must attend an Intake Session before starting actual classes.  These sessions include orientation, registration and placement testing.

Remember, if you have dropped out of school, don’t have your high school diploma and are seventeen years of age or older we can help you earn your GED diploma.  Why wait—start today.