Bill Fiske’s Bugle

Volume 28, Number 20 • May 18, 1938

Contract for power lines awarded last week


A contract for the construction of 240 miles of power lines in Macon, Sumner, Trousdale, and Clay Counties, was awarded last week to a firm in North Carolina for approximately $175,000.

The contract calls for the construction of lines in several places in the first three counties and throughout Clay County, beginning at Red Boiling Springs in Macon County and continuing to beyond Lilly Dale.

Clay County farmers increased their soil building crops 40 percent in 1937 over 1936, Charles Vaughn, county agent announced Monday.

A total of 700 farmers shared in the program last year, while 1200 have signed up for this year’s program. Approximately 95 percent of the benefit payments have been paid.

Following the deadline last Saturday for candidates to qualify to enter the June 4, Democratic primary, office aspirants are expected to wage an active battle until election day.

The qualifiers were the following: For sheriff, Allen Boles and B.B. Masters; register, Mrs. Mary Dale and George Butler; Circuit Court Clerk, W.F. Waddle; trustee, W.A. Cook; County Court Clerk, J.H. (Jimmy) Reneau, Mrs. Roxie Lynch and Guy B. Johnson; County Judge, J.B. Bailey and C.J. Mabry.

Willow Grove News

Mrs. Luther Stanford, who has been seriously ill, is much better.

B.C. Ledbetter is home from the St. Thomas Hospital.

Mrs. Ben Sidwell is visiting friends and relatives in Celina.

Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Smith and family have moved to the Hargrove property.

Dock Hill has bought the Joe Arms Store and Cafe.

Jack Clark has accepted a position in Shelbyvlle, Tennessee.

Lamira Hunter is attending Draughn’s Business School in Nashville.

Maida Hogan and Elise Watkins, who are attending T.P.I., spent the weekend at home.

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Dixie Theatre   Celina, Tennessee

Saturday May 21, Two Very Popular Pictures

“County Fair” and “The River”

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Mr. and Mrs. Vanus Eads are the proud parents of a baby boy.

Mrs. C.R. Willis presented her sister with a year’s subscription to the Bugle.