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Wheel tax referendum proposal met with special session Thursday to discuss possible Sept. 4 closing of Clay County schools

A potential wheel tax referendum proposal born of last week’s county budget committee meeting has prompted the Clay County school board to call a special session Thursday in response to the action.
The committee’s proposal to place a $26 wheel


Clay County school board stands ground:

After hearing emotional words of encouragement like “stay strong,” “maintain your stand,” “be tough,” and “now is not the time to back down,” the Clay County school board stood their ground here last Thursday night by voting to again request a funding increase despite being asked to submit a budget without one by the county commission earlier in the week.
The unanimous vote followed passionate pleas from a standing-room-only crowd packed into the school system’s board room, but action on the request and the potential adoption of a budget may come too little too late


Clay County shutdown looms

No headway was made last week in the budget standoff between county commissioners and school board members leaving not just the school system heading for an imminent shutdown, but also the entire county, according to Clay County mayor Dale Reagan.
“I want everybody to understand the situation we are faced with,” Reagan said


Clay County High School again achieves “Reward School” status

Published in print August 5, 2015 School learns it’s ranked among state’s top 5% the 2nd year in a row amid shut-down controversy By THOMAS P. WEAVER HORIZON Editor NASHVILLE-After enduring summer-long budget drama and preparing for a possible mid-session shut down, Clay County High School (CCHS) principal Melissa White finally got some good news […]


Clay County school budget Q&A with Director Jerry Strong

Published in print July 29, 2015 CLAY COUNTY-With the pending shut down of Clay County schools looming in early October if the system receives no additional funding and the issue reaching regional and statewide media outlets, schools director Jerry Strong continued his explanation of the financial dilemma this week with a submitted question and answer […]


Clay County school funding decision follows eventful budget meeting

The Clay County Commission’s decision not to give the school system additional funding didn’t come without drama here last week at the governing body’s budget meeting.
Much discussion was heard by those in attendance, including comments from both sides and from the public.
Director of schools Jerry Strong kicked off the dialogue by explaining


Clay County School board tax hike pitch will be heard on Monday

Under direction of the Clay County School Board, schools director Jerry Strong and his staff will pitch a 20-cent property tax increase to members of the Clay County budget committee here next Monday night at a budget meeting held after the July 6 regular commission meeting at the Clay County Government Complex.
Board members voted last month to propose the smaller increase after a $45 wheel tax hike to fund an additional $300,000 the school system requested was rejected in a May county budget meeting.


School board decides to propose smaller increase

After a $45 wheel tax hike to fund an additional $300,000 requested by the Clay Clay County School Board was rejected in a county budget meeting in May, school board members voted last Thursday to propose a reduced tax increase to the county commission, according to director of schools Jerry Strong.
“The board has requested me to ask the county commission for a 20-cent property tax increase,”


School board proposed wheel tax hike dies in county budget meeting

A proposed $45 wheel tax increase fell by the wayside here at a county budget meeting late last month, according to school board chairman David West.
“They basically rejected the idea,” West told the HORIZON Monday. “Now we’re heading back to the drawing board this week.”
In their May meeting, the school board unanimously voted to “approve the 2015-16 general purpose school budget and to request that the county commission raise the wheel tax by $45 to fund the increase,” recently released minutes from May 21 said.
West explained the increase “was about $300,000


CCHS Alumni game a big success

CELINA-Former players from Hermitage Springs High School, Celina High School, and Clay County High School (CCHS) were encouraged to participate in Clay County Alumni Basketball games held here recently and many came out to compete in the fundraiser for the CCHS Basketball Boosters. Twenty men and 11 women competed in a pair of games that […]


CCHS hosts first annual bulldog pride drawing

CELINA-Just before the close of the 2013-2014 school year, Clay County High School (CCHS) students participated in the first annual Bulldog Pride Incentive Drawing as a reward for meeting goals announced by CCHS principal Ms. Melissa White in early January of this year.  Students earned entries in the drawing for participating in academic events, obtaining […]


Clay’s school nurses recognized

In recognition of National School Nurse Day Clay County Schools Health Director, Diana Monroe made special recognition of Clay County’s school nurses stating “… the role of the school nurse is extremely important. I am grateful for the teachers, administrators and  support staff that help create a healthy learning environment for every child in our […]

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Clay County High School Class of 2014

Presenting the 2014 graduating class of Clay County High School, Tennessee.