Celina city elections are scheduled for June 2


CELINA-Voters here will go to the polls in June this year to elect a mayor and three aldermen, and the qualifying deadline for the election is now under two months away. 

City  voters will go to the polls on June 2 to elect the four officeholders, and the qualifying deadline for those races is scheduled for March 19, said election coordinator Frances Donaldson.

Three candidates have picked up qualifying papers for mayor, Donaldson said, with one candidate, Willie Kerr, already turning those in and qualifying for the race.  The seats currently held by mayor Buddy Thompson and aldermen Elwood Ervin, Donnie Long and Don Haston will all be on the ballot. 

Following policies of the past, the HORIZON will run a front-page, staff-written announcement for all city candidates, with a deadline for submission. All announcements received by the newspaper after that deadline, which will set as the election draws closer, will be treated as advertisements and run on an inside page.