Celina now part of Civil War Trail



CELINA-With the installation of a permanent plaque here on the courthouse square recounting the role the city played in the Civil War, Celina officially became a stop on the state’s Civil War Trail this month.

Close to 200 other sites all over the state are part of the trail, which can be traveled following a map identifying the stops along the way.

Tennessee’s program is a part of a five-state trails system which invites those interested to explore both well-known and less-familiar sites associated with the war known as America’s greatest drama.

Together, more than 1,000 places tell the epic and heartfelt stories of civilians and soldiers who experienced triumph and tragedy during the war.

The sites can be explored at the traveler’s own pace, and many offer other historical and recreational opportunities.  Those traveling the trail can turn it into a long vacation or just a daily stop here and there.

The stop here tells the story of Hamilton’s Tennessee Calvary Battalion–which was headquartered here in Celina during the war, and the plaque also features a picture of steamboat and a sketch of a calvary charge.

According to the plaque, locals here were “Confederate sympathizers,” making the area a good place for Confederate Oliver P. Hamilton to set up camp with his battalion.

Hamilton and his men patrolled the Tenessee/Kentucky line and guarded army stock and supplies between here and Gainesboro.

The group encountered opposition from Union soldiers on several occasions, including a battle on Kettle Creek and one in 1864 where Hamilton was captured.  He later died in Federal custody.

The complete story can be found on the courthouse square here and more information about the trails can be obtained by visiting www.civilwartrails.org.