City designates Wednesday for Halloween celebration

Egg throwers, possessors will be cited under state and city laws

CELINA-City mayor Willie Kerr and other city officials have designated Wednesday, October 31 as the day “to celebrate Halloween,” according to a statement released last week.

“Here in the city limits Halloween will be celebrated on Wednesday,” Kerr said.  “Trick-or-treaters should plan to make their rounds that night this year.”

The city also released several tips for trick-or-treaters to follow to ensure they have a safe outing:

• always use common sense,

• adults should always accompany young children,

• never go alone (have at least two buddies),

• plan your route with family,

• wear flame-retardant costumes,

• check candy before eating it,

• be cautious of strangers,

• never go inside homes,

• always say thank you,

• be cautious of jack-o-lanterns,

• only visit houses with lights on,

• walk, don’t run,

• walk on sidewalks and driveways,

• have a cell phone and flashlight,

• wear costumes with reflective markings or bright colors, and

• costumes should not drag the ground.

Bombers beware!

In the release, Kerr and city police chief Terry Scott also reminded residents here “to use safe and respectful methods while celebrating” the holiday.

“The practice of ‘egging’ is prohibited here, and any and all state laws will be enforced, including but not limited to property damage, curfew, and other state regulations,” Scott said.  “Curfew times vary depending on age and details about curfew laws are available at the state’s website ( online.

“Those planning to be out should find out more about the curfew laws, because we plan to enforce them.”

The release also reminded parents of minors that “should conflict arise, you will be held accountable for minor children’s conduct, actions, and consequences.”

Scott also reminded everyone to be cautious to prevent any fire mishaps.

City won’t take
‘egging’ lightly

Besides the state regulations, the city here also has a longtime ordinance in place addressing throwing eggs and various other projectiles around the holiday.

“Anyone caught throwing or in possession of any items to be thrown on or around Halloween will be charged with city ordinance 4-86, and will be taken to the Clay County jail and issued a citation for city court,” a past statement from the police department said.

“If an offender is picked for a second offense, they will be charged and have to make bond or be put in jail,” the statement said.

Juveniles will be taken to the jail, where parents or guardians will be contacted to pick them up. A citation for juvenile court will be issued, the statement said. “If a parent or guardian cannot be found, the juvenile will be taken to the juvenile detention center in Cookeville,” according to the statement.

The city ordinance says “the period around Halloween has become a problem in the city of Celina because a number of people throw eggs, firecrackers, and other projectiles” which “constitutes a danger to” people and property.

The city ordinance says it is unlawful for anyone to possess “firecrackers, rocks, eggs or other projectiles for the purpose of throwing” them for a period beginning at 12:01 a.m. on October 26 and ending on November 5 at 11:59 p.m. It also says “it is further unlawful to throw any projectile for the purpose of causing any damage to any person or property.”

People convicted under the resolution are subject to a $50 fine and court costs, the ordinance says.