Clay County voters affected by redistricting

The redistricting of voting districts for residents here has been completed in time for the upcoming elections in August and November and new voter registration cards have been mailed to those affected by the changed boundaries.

The changes were made necessary by the results of the 2010 U.S. census. Only three districts (3rd, 4th, and 5th) were affected with 192 registered voters moved to different districts and voting places.

Election Commissioner Wanda Daniels

“We want everyone who wishes to exercise their voting rights to have the opportunity to vote so we urge all to contact the election office to register or if they have any questions about where to vote,” stated Administrator of Elections Wanda Daniels when contacted by the HORIZON.

Officials said those who received a new voter registration card in the mail need to check it for the correct polling place.

Among the major changes is the consolidation of the entire Free Hill community into district three, and many persons in the upper Shankey Branch area will now vote in a different location.

In order to vote in the upcoming elections residents must be a registered voter with a picture ID card (see notice page _) and have voted in a least one of the past two November elections. New residents and persons just turning 18 years of age must also register in the county of their residency by July 3 for the August election.

A map showing the newly established districts can be downloaded by clicking here.