Clay school district to receive $540k grant: Gordon


WASHINGTON-As a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was signed into law last week, it is estimated that the Clay County School District will receive an additional $540,000 to fund education programs for disadvantaged and disabled children, according to a news release from Congressman Bart Gordon’s office. 

“This money will allow Clay’s School District to continue educating children that need help most,” said Gordon.  “In these tough economic times, Clay County might have been forced to cut back funding for their special education programs to continue providing basic government services.”

For fiscal year 2009, the Clay County School District will receive an estimated $248,000 to fund educational programs for low-achieving students and $292,000 to educate children with disabilities.  These funds will allow the School District to further close the achievement gap for disadvantaged children and improve the educational outcomes for disabled students.

“With people spending less money, the County is not receiving enough in sales tax revenue to sufficiently fund these programs,” explained Gordon.  “Without the additional $540,000, it is hard to see how Clay would be able to continue its efforts to educate these especially needy students.”

Tennessee’s 95 counties are estimated to receive a total of $174,210,000 in federal grants for low-achieving student education programs (also know as “Title 1-A” programs) and $229,486,000 for special education programs (or “IDEA” programs).

“We must ensure that all children receive the education needed to compete for 21st Century jobs,” said Gordon.  “These much-needed funds will prevent the current economic crisis from getting in the way of this.”