Commission approves ambulance service contract with city of Celina


CELINA-The Clay County Commission acted on several measures, including approving the annual ambulance service contract, in two sessions held in May.

The commission met in regular session the first Monday of May, acting on five resolutions, and then recessed until May 18, when they approved two more, including the ambulance service contract with the city of Celina. 

The commission also met this past Monday to, among other measures, appoint a new school board member in District 5. 

At the May 4 regular session, the commission:

• extended Gass Lane, located in District 1, by roughly 300 yards,

• passed a resolution amending county flood damage prevention, designed to “minimize danger to life and property due to flooding, and to maintain eligibility for participation in the national flood insurance program,” the resolution said, 

• passed a resolution establishing a regional board of zoning appeals (related to the national flood insurance program) and appointed commissioners Roger Gray, Michael Lee and Beverly Young to that board,

• appointed Paula Boone to the industrial development board, to replace Carla Rich, who recently resigned, and

• passed a budget amendment for the county general fund, including transferring $1,119.47 to “pay taxes for the Dutchcraft lease agreement,” and moving $728 in the litter and trash collection department to correct an error in the original budget. 

The commissioners also heard the trustee’s report and approved Donna Selman as a notary public at the May 4 meeting.

At the recessed meeting on May 18, commissioners:

• approved a grant application for water lines on Chilton Road and Hogan Road in District 4.  Under the grant application to the Appalachian Regional Commission, Clay County is eligible for a maximum grant of $320,000, which is 80 percent of the total project cost. North Overton Utility District has agreed to pay $44,000 (11%) of the required matching funds.

Under the resolution, Clay County government will provide $25,000, with 14 residents paying $750 each ($10,500 total), completing the remaining nine percent match, and

• approved six-page contract with the City of Celina to continue to provide ambulance service to the county. Under the agreement, the county will pay the city an annual total of $360,000 (divided in equal monthly installments) for its services.