Commission thanks Hevi-Duty for “generosity and patronage”


CELINA-The county commission thanked Sola Hevi-Duty with a resolution for “their generosity and patronage” and also passed a single budget amendment in a very quick March meeting.

The commission passed a $6,200 budget amendment “for the sole purpose of purchasing a narcotics detector dog,” transferring money from the drug fund.

In the only other resolution of the meeting, the commission thanked Sola Hevi-Duty for “their generosity and patronage to Clay County.” The resolution cited the “many years of employment for the citizens of Clay County,” and the recent donation of their former manufacturing building to the City of Celina, “who then deeded the building to the Joint Industrial Board,” the resolution said. 

The resolution recognized “the outstanding efforts of Sola Hevi-Duty for their continued support and progressive endeavor to the success of Clay County.”