Committee members are named for county


CELINA-The county commission unanimously passed a resolution appointing members to serve on standing committees during the next year at its regular September meeting. 


The committees are made up of elected officials, private citizens and other people who have expertise in a given field. The resolution places members on the 15 committees until September of next year. The budget, county planning, ADA and lawsuit committees are made up of all 10 members of the county commission.


Following are the various committees and their members:


SAFETY-Mike Boles, James Storie, Brandon Boone, and Denzil Cherry.


PARKS & RECREATION-Dennis Miller, Donald Sherrell, Dorothy Forney, Harlon Sherrell, Mike Boles, John Teeples, Thomas Kerr, James Atchley, Dean Walden and Lois Turner. 


SOLID WASTE-Timmie Scott, Winton Young, Denzil Cherry, Michael Lee and Cecil Langford.


EMERGENCY SERVICE-Ronnie Hummel, Terry Scott, Natalie Boone, Calvin Smith, David Keen, Joe Stephens, David Dyer, and David Boles.


COUNTY FAIR BOARD-Dorothy Webb, Randall Killman, Jerry Watson, Harlon Sherrell, Lois Turner, Don Sherrell, Dennis Miller, Ray Norris, Dorothy Forney, John Teeples, Chase Emerton, Jeff Short, Ira Forney, Thomas Kerr, Bill Donaldson, Ronnie Wheeler, Dean Walden, Tim Rich, James Atchley, Joey Locke, Steven Bailey.


COURT SECURITY-Corinne McLerran, James Storie, Judge Thurman, Dorothy Forney, Denzil Cherry and Jimmy White.


BEER BOARD-Beverly Young, Winton Young, Mike Boles.


AMBULANCE-Beverly Young, Cecil Langford, Denzil Cherry, Timmie Scott, Dorothy Forney, and Joe Lynn.


ETHICS-Beverly Young, Denzil Cherry, Dorothy Forney, Charlie Key and Jerry Collins.


FLOOD REVIEW-Beth Moulton, Winton Young and Mike Boles.


BUILDING-Cecil Langford, Timmy Scott and Michael Lee. 


WAGE AND MANAGEMENT-Cecil Langford, Beverly Young, Timmy Scott, Mike Boles, Dorothy Forney, Denzil Cherry, Winton Young, Roger Gray, Michael Lee.