County mayor and others visit nation’s capital to help promote program funding for local area

Clay County mayor Dale Reagan, along with UCHRA and other local officials visited Washington, D.C. last March to discuss program funding and economic development in our area.

While there, the county officials met with U.S. Representatives to promote continuation of funding for government programs and to discuss the current law, which allows other countries to manufacture U.S. Homeland Security uniforms, when we have local industries such as Racoe who can provide these services.

They also presented a TVA study to U.S. Officials for the La Gardena project, which will be located in the Willow Grove area.

Although La Gardena will be located in Clay County, it will also have a tremendous impact on the surrounding counties.

County Executive Stephen Bilbrey, County Executive John B. Mullinix, and Mayor Curtis Hayes were present in support of the La Gardena project.

“This development will be the first of its kind in the State of Tennessee,” Reagan said, “and I would like to thank all involved for their help and support as we proceed toward a new milestone for Clay County.

“A lot of people have put forth a tremendous amount of hard work to see this project come to a realization: the Industrial Development Board, ECD Director Ray Norris, the Clay County Commissioners, Overton County Mayor Kenneth Copeland, Representative Les Winningham, Senator Mae Beavers, Senator Charlotte Burks, Representative John Mark Windle, and of course Mr. Roman A. Veksler.

“We are very fortunate that Mr. Veksler, developer of the La Gardena project saw what potential could arise from Clay County’s natural beauty, and we look forward to the development of this extraordinary project.”