Cumberland River Hospital is making strides

COOKEVILLE-Laura Militana of the Herald-Citizen–the regional newspaper in here in the Upper Cumberland published daily, penned an article last week updating the status of Cumberland River Hospital’s (CRH) newly formed partnership with Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC).

“It’s been nearly six months since CRMC took ownership of CRH and in that time, the partnership is paying off in multiple ways,” Militana said in the story.  “The facility is still awaiting the final approval of the 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service, but a lot has been going on since CRMC officially acquired it in August.”

“Dr. Jeff Moore, general surgeon, has started an outreach clinic (see ad on page 3A of this week’s HORIZON),” CRH Chief Administrative Officer Andrea Mclerran told Militana. “We’re working with CRMC’s physician recruiter Emily Vaughn to get more physicians to serve the needs of the citizens of Celina and Clay County.”

Militana said Mclerran has been with CRH for a number of years, working up the ranks and she also wrote of another conection–CRMC’s chief financial officer and interim CEO Paul Korth worked at CRH prior to joining the administration at CRMC.

“Korth makes an effort to go up once a week to touch base with the staff there and see how operations are going,” Militana wrote.  “With this new venture, they are able to network with CRMC’s physicians and utilize their services–bringing a whole new level of patient care to the rural county on the Kentucky border.”

“We’re working on getting more cardiology staff and services there,” Korth told Militana.

Militana said as a 501(c)(3) subsidiary, community-based care will continue to be the focus at CRH.

“The non-profit status also allows for cost savings and we’ll be able to pass those cost-savings on to the consumers and patients,” Korth told her.  “That will allow us to put the money back into the facility to keep up the maintenance, equipment and credentials.

“As we look ahead to healthcare reform, rural hospitals will be hurt the most,” Korth continued. “Partnering with bigger entities, such as our partnership with Vanderbilt, and Cumberland River with us, gives everyone different resources and assets to tap into.”

That’s what Mclerran is most excited about, the story said.

“That’s where we as a small hospital really benefit,” Militana quoted McLerran saying. “We can share knowledge and resources.”

For Militana’s entire story, including more details about CRH and their partnership with CRMC, visit and search for “Cumberland River Hospital” in the search box at the upper right corner of the homepage.