Dale Hollow Lake big fish make an appearance

CELINA-Multiple smallmouth over 21 inches long were on display here at Horse Creek Resort last Thursday night.

Dewayne McLerran and Kenny Dale had one weighing 4.14 pounds and another under 16 inches long to total 5.94 pounds and win $168 for first place, while Scottie Reagan and Tony Daniels weren’t far behind with a 5.78-pound sack thanks to their 4.07-pound big fish.  They took second place and $126.

Steve Smith and Chris Rich finished third with the final big smallmouth tipping the scales at 4.37 pounds to win $84, and Bennie McBride teamed up with David Hix to bring in two good small fish totaling 3.95 pounds to take home $42.

The series continues this week and the tournaments start at 7 p.m. and continue to an 11 p.m. weigh-in each week.  The entry is $20 per boat.  The series also features a big fish of the year pot.

Contact tournament directors Steve or Jeff Smith at 823-5746 or 823-4233 for more information.



start this week

CELINA-The Friday night ‘any species’ tournament series will kick off their season here at Dale Hollow Marina this week.

The events feature a two-fish limit of smallmouth, largemouth, or Kentucky spotted bass.  The entry fee is $40 per boat and there is also a $10 big fish pot each night.

For more information, contact tournament director Luke Sherrell after 6 p.m. at 258-3706.


Star Point events

are going strong

BYRDSTOWN-Anglers fishing the smallmouth-only night tournaments held here on Saturday nights at Star Point Resort are deep into their season, as series has five events in the books already.

Tournament director Randy Roysden has seen good turnouts this year and a mixed bag when it comes to fishing.

“It’s been a different year this season,” he said.  “We’ve only seen big fish every other tournament or so, which has made it anybody’s game.

“That may be why we are seeing good turnouts, because anybody’s got a shot to win.”

Roysden said this past week was their biggest so far as 25 boats showed up for blast-off.

Steve Smith and his partner William came out on top with a total of 6.03 pounds, including a smallmouth over 21 inches long weighing 4.23 pounds to win $400.

Second place went to Rod Moon and Travis Parrott.  They also had a big fish (4.46 pounds) and their 5.88-pound total netted them $300.

The final two paid positions were taken with a pair of small fish.  Mitch Robertson and Tim Reagan finished third to win $200 with 3.93 pounds, while Tim Jolley and Curt Parsons rounded out the money-winners list taking $100 with 3.91 pounds.

The details of the other four events are as follows:


May 5th

Seventeen boats fished the opening tournament of the season and John Garner and Raymond Rosenbaum won with a total of 3.57 pounds to win $272.

The rest of the field went as follows:  2nd place–Darrell Russell and Todd Stephens, 3.46 pounds, $204; 3rd–Tim Jolley and Curt Parsons, 3.13, $136; and 4th–Rod Moon and Travis Parrott, 3.08, $68.


May 12th

The first smallmouth over 21 inches long showed up at the second event of the year and won the tournament for Randy Roysden and Mark Norman.

The big fish weighed 4.94 pounds pushing their total up to 6.50 pounds and allowing them to take home the top prize worth $260.

Russell and Stephens took second for the second week in a row after catching a big one of their own (3.90 pounds).  It gave them a 5.29-pound total to win $156.

The final paid position from the 13-boat field went to Raymond and Amanda Manis.  They won $104 with 3.70 pounds.


May 19th

Twenty boats showed up to watch Perry Taylor and Duane Tyree take home first place and $320 with the lone 21-incher of the night (3.53).  The big fish upped their winning poundage to 5.29 pounds.

The remainder of the top four were as follows:  2nd-Chris and Teresa Duvall, 3.44, $240; Steve and Stacy Smith, 3.38, $160; and Jeff Warden and Keith Reagan, 3.19, $80.


June 2nd

After taking a week off for the Memorial Day holiday, Roysden hosted his first ‘Major’ event of the year with a $100 entry fee and extended fishing hours (7 p.m.-3 a.m.).

Amazingly, no smallmouth over 21 inches were carried to the scales.  Russell and Stephens continued their hot streak and took home the big $800 purse with a mere 3.62 pounds from the 20-boat field.

The Duvall couple finished second winning $600 with 3.51 pounds, while Robbie and Billy Joe Johnson made an appearance taking home $400 with 3.44 pounds.  Chase and Jeremy (last names unknown) took the final paid position worth $200 with 3.35 pounds.

The series continues this week and runs from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.  The tournaments also feature a big fish of the year pot.  For more information, contact Roysden at 879-0555.