Drought situation worsens in 2008

December a very wet month

From Staff Reports

CELINA-December proved to be the second wettest month of 2008, but unofficial National Weather Service (NWS) statistics show the year wound up significantly behind normal precipitation totals for at least the third straight year. 

The ongoing drought situation worsened even further in 2008, the statistics show, with the area surrounding here roughly 35 inches below normal precipitation since the beginning of 2006. The 30-year annual average for precipitation at the Celina reporting station is 52.34 inches. 

The NWS reporting station here recorded 6.14 inches of rain and snow in December, well above the 4.67 thirty-year average, but the year unofficially ended with only 44.18 inches of precipitation. That’s an 8.16-inch deficit from the 30-year normal.

December is historically the second-wettest month of the year in the area, exceeded by only May with 5.41 average inches of rain, and December was again second in 2008. July, with 6.65 inches of rain, was the wettest month of the year in the Celina area the past year.