Green-Up has come and gone

GreenupSubmitted By Mary Loyd Reneau

On April 17, 2013 thirty-six friends gathered at the Captain Bob Riley Cabin in Swann Bottom to celebrate Green-Up which was a tradition started by Corinne McLerran.  It originally began some 20 years ago at a cabin on the Cumberland River in Weaver Bottom, but was later moved to the Bob Riley Cabin.  For those of you who are new to this area, Bob Riley was one of the last of the Cumberland River Boat Captains in this area.   The cabin was originally at Fox Springs, which is now covered by Dale Hollow Lake.  Fox Springs was close to the mouth of Mitchell Creek on the left hand side entering Mitchell Creek.  With the building of the dam it was moved to Pea Ridge and now rest on the Obey River on River Drive in Celina.

This event is always on the 3rd Wednesday in April and this year was no different.  I arrived at the cabin early to get everything ready for those to come.  Not long after I arrived came Betsy Fox.  She told me she could not remember what time it started and she did not want to be late.   Betsy wanted to get her chair in a good place so she could sketch.  Jo Scott was the next to come.  Jo had been there on Monday and helped clean the cabin and brought flowers for the cabin.   Of course, I had already delivered my buttermilk pie, because that is what Corinne had always directed me to bring.  Shirley Sharp was the next to arrive and she has probably been at more Green-Ups than anyone other than our mother, Mamma Mae, as she is called.  Soon came Barbara Williams from across the street, Joyce Davis from the Museum and Bernell White and Carolyn Hayes from up on Yale Street.   Wanda Denton dropped by early to bring her fried pies, but she left and came back later with Lori.

Everything was about ready when Greg and Sarah Elizabeth came and who brought a new member to Green-Up, Lois Turner.  And next if I can remember right came Wendi Spintzyk with Mamma Mae.  My neighbors from Holly Creek soon arrived, Barbara Hubbard and Laura Belle Proffitt.  Many people were coming buy I could not remember who came next, but I do remember that Johnny Dowell brought Robbie, but he would not stay and eat.  Beth Gentry soon arrived with fried chicken and potatoes.  Lucretia, Asia and Rettie Jane Crawford soon arrived and they put Rettie Jane on a blanket in the yard.

And then the group who work in downtown Celina started to arrive, Mayor Willie Kerr, Jimmy White, Rene Davis, Jada White, Misty Grace, Susan Birdwell, Dean Walden, Gary York and Kenzie Adams.  It was almost time to get started, but where was Trudy Weber and Sue Hilton with the ham?  I was starting to get worried, but there they came with Barb Stein and Paulette Smith who is new to Celina.   Then came Anna Russell White and I thought every one was there.  But where were Wilma Jean Hayes and Geneva Spear? And after check I found out that they were sick and could not come and they were missed by all.

It was time to start and each year we read the poem “Ode to Green-Up” written by Geneva Spear.  Greg Burch gave the blessing and the eating began.  I could not remember what food every one brought but it did not matter because we had plenty of great food and I do not think anyone left hungry.

It was such a great day, which was sunny and warm and everyone had time to visit with new and old friend.  That is what Green-Up is all about.  And as Corinne would have said we were all in our Shinning Time.