HORIZON provided to Clay students by sponsors Dairy Queen, Copeland Medical, Tri-County EMC


CLAY COUNTY-The Dale Hollow HORIZON is now in its second year of being distributed to each county school for students in grades three through 12 thanks to three local sponsors.


Copies of the newspaper are being provided to students through local sponsors Celina Dairy Queen, Copeland Medical Services and Tri-County Electric, HORIZON general manager Kevin Donaldson said.


“Students in those grades at Hermitage Springs School, Maple Grove School, Celina K-8 and Clay County High are again getting a copy of the paper each week due to the generosity of these three sponsors,” Donaldson said. 


As a part of the newspaper distribution program, the HORIZON is also featuring a school news page, which is non-sports related, to give as much recognition to students and school programs as possible.


“We appreciate the Dairy Queen, Copeland Medical and Tri-County making this whole scenario possible,” Donaldson said, “and we are very grateful to school officials for their help and coordination on the school news page each week.”


Schools play a huge role in any community, but even more so in a small, rural setting, Donaldson said, and the newspaper will again work with school officials from the classroom to the central office to let citizens “know what’s going on in the school system.”


Topics will range from individual student news, class news and school-wide news to system-wide news, Donaldson said.


“We hope this page and the newspaper distribution plan will serve an important role not only for students, but for parents and other interested citizens,” Donaldson said. “We all have a stake in our schools whether we have a student there or not. 


“It’s a cliche’, but these young people are truly the future of our county, and we all need to work together to get them the best possible education and to give them, and our school officials, a pat on the back for jobs well done,” he said.