Jobs clearinghouse developed to pair employers with workers

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A PRODUCT OF COOPERATION-The new jobs clearinghouse program seeking to match local employers with workers came about through the formation of the Clay County Workforce Development Committee, made up of business and community leaders—which are shown here meeting last month at the chamber of commerce. (HORIZON photo by Thomas P. Weaver)

CELINA-The Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency (UCHRA) and the Clay County Workforce Development Committee are launching a jobs “clearinghouse” program.
The purpose of the clearinghouse will be to gather job openings information from employers across Clay County, and also to gather information from prospective employees looking for work.
“We’re going to match employers from both the industrial sector and commercial businesses up with prospective workers,” said Sandra Grace of UCHRA. “A lot of our local employers are looking for help right now, and we hope to bridge the gap between companies and businesses needing workers, and prospective employees needing work.”
The success of this program, organizers say, will be the information received from employers and potential workers.
“The program will only be as good as the information we get,” said chamber of commerce director Kevin Donaldson, who is also working on the program. “We know there are a lot of business people out there who are looking for workers, and we need to hear from you. We also need to know who in the county is looking for work.
“The only way the program will really operate the way it should is us getting information and doing the best we can to match prospective workers up with the folks who are hiring,” Donaldson said.
Prospective workers should contact the UCHRA office, where they can not only check on available jobs, but get more information about specific jobs, or training and educational opportunities. Those seeking work can visit the UCHRA office adjacent to City Hall, call Grace at 243-3674 or e-mail her at [email protected]
Employers looking for workers can contact UCHRA or Donaldson at the Chamber of Commerce, located on Brown Street in Celina. Call 243-3338 or e-mail [email protected]