Jr Pro Basketball January 29th

The Clay County Junior Pro Basketball League will play a full schedule of games at Celina K-8 school on Saturday, January 29, 2011. Games begin at 8:00 a.m. with a contest for players 7 to 8 years of age. The Bulls, coached by Hope Roach take on the Amelia Kirk coached Blue Bosses. Two more games for the same age group follow. Five and six year olds then play four games starting at 10:45 and the schedule finishes up with a slate of two games each for girls and boys ages 9 -12 years. The last game is scheduled at 4 p.m. and pits Troy Smith’s Rangers against the Tigers guided by Joe Adams. The full schedule may also be found on the league’s web site at jrpro.wordpress.com

Time | Age Bracket |Coach (Team)

8:30  — 7-8 Girls– Hope Roach (BULLS) vs Amelia Kirk (BLUE BOSSES)

9:15  — 7-8 Boys– Joe Adams (COWBOYS) vs Olivia Copeland (TITANS)

10:00  -7-8 Boys―Hope Roach (BULLS) vs Sonia Smith (HUSTLERS)

10:45  -5-6 Boys―Alan Sharp (COBRAS) vs Rachael Burnette (PANTHERS)

11:30  -5-6 Girls―Nick Melton (BLUE DIAMONDS) vs Karlie Watson (TENNESSEE TIGERS)

12:15  -5-6 Boys—Chris McLerran ( RED RAIDERS) vs Thomas Kerr (TN ORANGE BULLDOGS)

1:00   –5-6 Girls―Nick Melton (BLUE DIAMONDS) vs Meghan Smith (PINK PUFFS)

1:45  –9-12 Girls–Amanda Spivey (SPIVEY ROCKETS) vs David West (BLUE ROCKETS)

2:30  –9-12 Girls–Amelia Kirk (DOMINATORS) vs Teia Arms (UNDREDOGS)

3:15  –9-12 Boys―Billy Mackey (HEAT) vs Alan Sharp (EAGLES )

4:00  –9-12 Boys―Troy Smith (RANGERS) vs Joe Adams ( TIGERS)