Library News



The Clay County Public Library is a great community resource. We have books to read for fun as well as to learn. Do you need help typing up a resume? The library has books for you. Want to know about computers? We have books for you. Want to learn a new craft? The library has books on quilting, woodworking, needlepoint, and more. Other new nonfiction books include “The New Codependency” by Melody Beattie, “Taking Aim at the President” by Geri Spieler, “Blood In The Cage” by L. Jon Wertheim, “Haunted Heart: The Lives and Times of Stephen King” by Lisa Rogak, “The Great Eight” by Scott Hamilton, “Cool Stuff Exploded” by Chris Wood, “Life Without Lawyers” by Philip Howard, and “All Pets Go To Heaven” by Sylvia Browne. Do you just want a good book to sit back and relax with? New titles this week include”Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side” by Beth Fantaskey, “Deadly Night” by Heather Graham, “The Gunfighter’s Apprentice” by Jerry S. Drake, “Honeymoon Husband” by Shirley Marks, “Cupid’s Web” by Carolyn Hughey, “On the Grind” by Stephen J. Cannell, “Bones of the Dragon” by Margaret Weis, “Breakneck” by Erica Spindler, “Daemon” by Daniel Suarez, and “The Swamps of Bayou Teche” by Kent Conwell. For our teen readers we now have “Vamps” by Nancy Collins, “Wicked Lovely” by Melissa Marr, “Frenemies” by Alexa Young, “Betwixt” by Tara Bray Smith, “Wake” by Lisa McMann, “Repossessed” by A.M. Jenkins, and “Wicked: Legacy and Spellbound” by Nancy Holder.

There are also nine computers available for typing up resumes, filing for unemployment, checking e-mail, and searching the Internet. Do you need a movie to relax with in the evening? The library has both DVD’s and videos. New DVD’s this week include “Million Dollar Baby’, “Outland”, “Shriek”, “The Legend of Zorro”, and “Scary Movie 3”.

If you’re planning a trip and aren’t sure if you can pick up your favorite music on the radio, consider listening to a book on tape or CD. The library also makes copies for only $0.20, sends a fax for $1.00, and has the “Tennessean” as well as the local papers available to read. Come in and check us out!

Quote of the Week: “Freedom lies in being bold.” Robert Frost.