Library News



The summer reading program is coming to an end. The end of summer reading party will be held on Thursday, July 30, beginning at 9:30. Treats will be served as well as the usual reading and craft. All are welcome to celebrate the end of summer.

Teen night will start back up on Friday, July 24. All teens are welcome to join for a night full of fun, games, and food.

A Clay County Public Library board meeting will be held Wednesday, July 22, starting at 1:00. The public is welcome to watch, but no rentals are to be checked out during the time of the meeting.

New books added to our shelves this week include: “The Color of the Soul” by Tracey Bateman, “Daniel X: Watch the Skies” by James Patterson and Ned Rust, “Disney Villian” by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas, “Francesca’s Kitchen” by Peter Pezzelli, “The I Chong: Mediations from the Joint” by Tommy Chong, “2012: the Return of Quetzalcoatl” by Daniel Pinchbeck, “Twitter for Dummies” by Laura Fitton, Michael E. Gruan, and Leslie Poston, “The Secret Circle: the Captive Part II and the Power” by L.J. Smith, and “Cherry Bomb” by J.A. Konrath.

New to our DVD selection include: “Coraline”, “Push”, “The Gift”, and “The Knowing.” Also added to our DVD selection are a variety of educational movies. Included are: “Life After People”, “Barack Obama”, “Hunting Hitler”, “Journey to 10,000 BC” “The Great Depression”, “Vampire Secrets”, and many more.