Library Zombie Prom a big success with Clay County teens

Celina Clay County Zombie Prom

FRIGHTFUL FUN-Pictured are many of the more than 40 county teens who enjoyed a "Zombie Prom" hosted by the Clay County Library recently.

The most recent ‘Friday the 13th’ served as a day for county teens to enjoy thanks to the efforts of the Clay County Library.

“The thought of a dance, held for all teens of Clay County regardless of income or availability of dates, began with a photo of a similar event held at another library in Tennessee,” local director of library services Judith Cutright said.  “That idea became a reality on April 13 when we held our first Zombie Prom.”

Cutright said more than 40 teens, ages 13-19, enjoyed the event featuring dancing, with music provided by Winton Young, and refreshments.

“Zombies don’t dress well, so there was no need to go out and buy an expensive dress or rent a tux,” Cutright explained.  “Zombies may travel in groups, but they have no feelings, so a date was not necessary either.”

Clay County Library Zombie Prom

CUTTING A RUG-Teens wearing zombie outfits dance the night away at the recent event hosted by the library.

She said the zombie theme allowed local teens the chance to participate without any worries, leaving them to enjoy the evening.

“For the protection of the chaperones and the community at large, “fingers” and “brains” were served as refreshments,” Cutright said.  “Zombies and zombie hunters danced in the library parking lot for hours and ‘prom’ pictures were taken by Tim Cody.”

The librarian said the event was so successful, a follow-up “Monster Mash” was being planned, where werewolves, vampires, and other creatures will be welcome.

The dance was organized through the library’s Teen Nite program and the next gathering will be held on May 25, where the upcoming dance will be discussed.

For more information about the Library, contact Cutright at 243-3442.

Line dance zombies

Zombie Line Dance