Local woman recognized for her work and realizes dream

By Joshua Beasley

Honest Abe Log Homes

MOSS-Honest Abe Log Homes, a log home manufacturer based here, recently recognized Inez Price on two great achievements in 2009.

Price, whose term with Honest Abe started as recently as 2006, achieved great success as the leading salesperson in 2009 in spite of the downturn in home sales.

However, her accomplishments did not stop there.  On a more personal level a dream was realized, as Inez and her husband Don moved into their new Honest Abe Log Home.

“The last year has been so rewarding to me,” stated Price.  “Don and I have never owned a home together until now.  We had many of the same concerns and challenges as I see with my customers, but we felt the time was right.  Interest rates were low, and the First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit was a benefit we could not pass up.”

Inez also emphasized how important having a trusting relationship with her General Contractor, Lewis Enterprises of Livingston, Tennessee, played a role in their decision to build.  “Mr. Lewis has helped many of my own customers, so it was an easy and natural decision to allow him to oversee our project,” commented Price.

Before coming to work with Honest Abe Log Homes, Inez would drive past the National Headquarters and dream about owning a log home, yet she felt it was out of their reach to build.  “At the time, I did not think we could affordably build a log home, now I realize how misinformed I was.  Plus, my husband Don is a long-time conventional home finish contractor, so I assumed a log home was not an option.”

It turns out that Don was ready for a change as well.  Don was hands-on through the construction process, and the couple saved some money by Don applying the finishing touches to the home.  The couple broke ground in August of 2009, and by the middle of December they were moving into their new Honest Abe Log Home.

“The most significant part of this story is Inez built her home while never taking her focus off our customers,” said Rachel Meadows, who serves as Honest Abe Log Home’s Direct Sales Manager.  Meadows went on to say, “Balancing all there is to do with building a new home, and in the same year reaching the level of Honest Abe’s top-performing salesperson is simply remarkable.”

Inez believes that one of her biggest advantages is that she was not in sales during the housing boom of the late 90’s, and early part of the decade.  She started selling homes in December of 2007 when home sales were already slowing, and says she does not know what the “good-times” were like.  “There are challenges for today’s log home builder that was not there 5 years ago.  I don’t let those obstacles get me down, and I do my best to keep my customer motivated and help work through those complications.  Challenges are meant to be overcome, so that is my approach,” states Price.

Inez is on track to have a bright future with Honest Abe Log Homes.  Since taking the sales position at the National Headquarters in Moss, Tennessee, she has met her sales goal in both 2008 and 2009.

She says her goal is to continue to focus on the customer’s needs first.  Price ended in saying, “If my efforts are focused on making customers happy, then Honest Abe will have continued success and all the rewards of my career will fall into place.”

About Honest Abe

Founded in 1979, Honest Abe Log Homes, Inc. is located in the rural community of Moss, Tennessee. Honest Abe is a privately held, family owned and operated company. From its modest beginnings, the company saw steady and consistent growth, and is recognized as a leading manufacturer of log homes throughout the United States. Honest Abe sells and delivers log homes nation-wide through four company owned models in Tennessee, and through a network of Independent Dealerships throughout the country.