Melton is assessor candidate

Stephen Melton, candidate for Clay County property assessor

Steven Melton

CLAY COUNTY-Stephen Melton announced Monday he would be a candidate for property assessor here in the upcoming August 2 election.

Melton is the son of the late Joe and Louise (Brown) Melton and the brother of Becky and Sam Melton, both formerly of Clay County.  His son, Jordan Melton, is a 2009 graduate of Clay County High School.

In his announcement, Melton said he is “proud” to be a lifelong Clay County resident and that he grew up on a farm where he “obtained a good work ethic and an appreciation for the land.”

The candidate is presently employed by the Clay County Board of Education at Hermitage Springs School where his duties include maintenance, waste water testing, and bus driving.

Melton resides in the Oak Grove Community and is a member of the Oak Grove Church of Christ.

“If elected, I will always remember that I work for you,” Melton said to residents here in his announcement.  “I will always do my best to be on the job every single day that the office is open, because I want to serve the people of Clay County.

“I have an understanding of the requirements and demands of this position, and I am confident that I can manage the responsibilities efficiently and effectively while maintaining the integrity of the office.”

Melton said he plans to “make every possible effort” to visit each residence before the election.

“I want to talk to you and listen to your concerns about this office,” he said, “and look forward to doing so between now and the election.”