Moonshine Daze just around the corner

SIGNATURE EVENT-The ever-popular outhouse races will highlight the upcoming Moonshine Daze festival. (HORIZON file photo by Billy Kendall)

SIGNATURE EVENT-The ever-popular outhouse races will highlight the upcoming Moonshine Daze festival. (HORIZON file photo by Billy Kendall)

CELINA-The revived Moonshine Daze festival will return here for it’s encore in less than a month and organizers are excited about the second annual event.

“We are especially proud to carry the moonshine tradition forward in celebration of times past that most folks find to be an interesting curiosity from Clay County history,” Jan Carrol of the local Chamber of Commerce said in a recent news release.  “Moonshine Daze is a harmless peek into our historic past that took place during the prohibition era when liquor was illegal as well as during the great 1930’s Depression into modern times–It’s about a way of life that included running moonshine through the hills of Tennessee.

“This event is a totally legal and family-friendly festival rated “G,” so bring the family and visit an old moonshine still and listen to stories from both bootleggers and revenuer’s as they share interesting tales,” she continued.  “Moonshine Daze allows us all to experience the thrill of the chase through the hills and back roads of Tennessee, if only by hearing the tales and songs of those who lived them.”

Carrol’s release said the festival is set to begin on Friday, May 3 and continues to Sunday, May 5 here at the Clay County Recreation Complex/Fairgrounds, but the Hillbilly Purdy Contest, which actually opens the festivities for 2013, will be held the day before on Thursday, May 2, in the Women’s Pavilion here.

“Plan to stay for all events or select your favorites,” she told the public.

Some of this year’s other events will include:
• All weekend long enjoy arts & crafts,
• The Flea Market Park,
• Demonstrations and various tournaments,
• Kids “Rowdy Range” play area and petting zoo,
• Mule-pulled wagon shuttle rides,
• Live entertainment in the park,
• Purdiest Hen & Rooster Contest,
• The Bootlegger Trial,
• The Hillbilly “Yeehaw” Variety Show with local talent that will bring a smile and some good ole toe tapping tunes,
• The Hatfield’s & McCoy’s Family Challenge,
• The Firefighters Challenge,
• A real live rendition of a Shotgun Wedding in the park,
• The infamous Outhouse Races are a must see,
• Also be sure to arrest your favorite local for a stint in the Shiner’s Jail Cell–which is definitely a point of interest,
• Start lining the streets early for a good look at the Moonshine Daze parade,
• The Sunday Social will wrap up the festival with gospel music, a pecan bake-off, and bungee jumping, and
• Don’t forget each day will begin at 8 a.m. with the firing of the musket, so get here early.

For more information about the upcoming festival, visit

Call Hillbilly Purdy Contest coordinator Kaylin Oldham at (931) 704-2426 for more information about the kick-off event.

See future HORIZONs for more information about the upcoming festival as it is made available.