New tire disposal fee policy implemented here

CLAY COUNTY-The sanitation department and the county commission here recently implemented a new policy for the disposal of tires effective October 1, 2010.

The new policy includes the following:

• 10 tires (17” or under) per household per year will be accepted at no cost for Clay County residents or property owners only;

• local businesses with assigned tire numbers are also eligible, but those without a number will be subject to normal charges;

• tires without rims count as one tire and those with rims will county as two tires towards the total;

• tires will only be accepted at the sanitation department building located on Industrial Drive Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.;

• all tires over the 10-tire limit will be subject to disposal fees;

• tires will only be accepted by an authorized employee;

• proof of residence will be required;

• individuals may be required to fill out a form supplying billing information and sign a form saying they are responsible for paying the disposal fees;

• the sanitation department will submit billing information to the county mayor’s office; and

• the county mayor’s office will bill and receive payments.

Disposal fees will be as follows:

• standard tires (17” or under)–$1 without rim and $2 with rim,

• truck tires (over 17”)–$4 without rim and $6 with rim,

• agriculture tire–$5 without rim and $10 with rim, and

• loader, skidder, etc. tires–$25 without rim and $35 with rim.

For more information about the new policy, contact the sanitation department at 243-4478 or the county mayor’s office at 243-2161.