Next year’s freshmen will face new high school curriculum


Incoming freshman across Tennessee will face new, state-mandated requirements beginning with the next school year, school officials say.

Freshmen for the 2009-2010 school year will face more stringent curriculum guidelines set forth by the state, and will have to make an early decision on what their study path will be, local officials say.

Next year’s freshmen must meet a minimum requirement of 22 “core” credits, which include four credits of English and math, and three of science and social studies, said Clay County High School principal Diana Monroe.

CCHS officials recently made presentations about the new requirements to eighth-graders at each of the three county elementary schools, and are working to familiarize parents with the new standards, Monroe said.

Students will also be asked to make a decision on a “program of study” to follow, which Monroe said is basically “like declaring a major when you go to college. 

“One of the graduation standards with the new system is for students to have an additional three credits above the state-mandated ‘core’ requirements,” Monroe said. 

The core requirements are:

• English–4 credits,

• Math–4 credits,

• Science–3 credits,

• Social studies–3 credits,

• Health, physical fitness and wellness–1.5 credits,

• Personal finance–half credit,

• Foreign language (same language)–2 credits,

• Fine arts–1 credit, and 

• Program of study courses–3 credits.

In exceptional circumstances, students who don’t plan to attend a four-year college may choose to substitute the two credits of foreign language and one fine arts credit, officials said. Those students should take an additional three credits to enhance or add a program of study. 

Fields of study and available courses are:



Animal Systems-Production Animals: Agriscience, Advance Principles of Agriculture, Livestock Management, Agriculture Mechanics and Maintenance.


Business Technology

Interactive Multimedia: Computer Applications, Interactive Multimedia Presentation, Desktop Publishing, Integrated Input Technology.



Construction Carpentry: Construction Core, Carpentry I, Carpentry II.

Construction Welding: Construction Core, Basic Principles of Welding, Advanced Welding Applications. 


Fine Arts

Choose any three: General Music (Band), Instrumental Music (Band), Theory and Harmony (Band), Music History, Visual Art I. 


Health Science

Therapeutic Services: Health Science Education, Medical Therapeutics, Nursing Education (11th or 12th), Anatomy & Physiology (Health Science) (11th or 12th).  


Family and Consumer Science (Home Economics)

Family and Community Services: Family and Consumer Sciences, Child & Lifespan Development, Nutrition and Foods, Life Connections. 

Interior Design: Family and Consumer Sciences, Interior Design, Housing, Life Connections. 



World History (9th), Creative Writing (10th), Modern History (11th or 12th).



Earth Science (9th), Discreet Math with Statistics & Probability (10th), Human Anatomy & Physiology.

For more information on these changes beginning with the next school year, call Clay County High School at 243-2340.