Nominations now being sought for newly formed Clay County Sports Hall of Fame


CLAY COUNTY-The newly formed Clay County Sports Hall of Fame (CCSHF) is seeking nominations from residents here and those abroad who have have knowledge of the county’s athletic history for the inaugural 2010 CCSHF class.

“We have so many people that have been a part of the county’s athletic history that have never been recognized for their accomplishments.” CCSHF founder Bobby Westmoreland said.  “We think this will be something nice to do to compliment them for what they’ve done.”

Westmoreland explained the classes would include, but not be limited to, “athletes, coaches, administrators, donors, and supporters” from all past and present Clay County schools.

“We want to induct contributors from all the communities and schools throughout the county,” Westmoreland said.  “They have all been a part of our athletic history, but, unlike many surrounding counties, we have never had a vehicle to celebrate the great achievements of our county’s student-athletes and sports characters.

“Clay County will now have many exciting opportunities to recognize those individuals and teams who have made valuable contributions to our sports lore throughout the years.”

The mission

A release from the newly formed organization explained the CCSHF mission was to:

•  “honor and perpetuate the memory of all former Clay County athletes, coaches, and associated persons who have brought pride and distinction to the school system, the county, and themselves,

• “to instill and continue to link past and current generations, and

• “to encourage current athletes to embrace the many opportunities available to them through teamwork, determination, and dedication.”

It went on to say “preservation of history, regardless of the discipline, is extremely valuable.  It identifies the people, the challenges, and the triumphs of the past.  It provides insight into the human spirit and offers understanding as to how the CCSHF evolved.

“Additionally, it provides an appreciation that the people before really provided the foundation for the opportunities the CCSHF will enjoy in the future.”


Nomination Submission

Westmoreland explained he and the selection committee wanted to ensure the nomination process would be “as simple as possible” and said “anyone can submit a nomination.”

He said the qualifications for nominees were:

• they must have ties to or have attended school in Clay County,

• players must have graduated at least 10 years prior to nomination, and

• coaches/administrators and any other contributors must have graduated at least 5 years prior to nomination.

“All we ask is that those nominating someone write us a recommendation letter explaining their reasons for the nomination, including a resume or list of accomplishments the nominee has contributed to the county’s athletic history,” Westmoreland said.  “We want to keep the process simple in order to receive the most nominations possible.”

The deadline for nominations will be May 15, 2010 for this year’s class.  They can be mailed to:

Clay County Sports

Hall of Fame

1014 Clark Circle

Celina, TN 38551

Selection committee

After the nomination deadline, a selection committee made up of individuals “who are familiar with and who care deeply about Clay County and it’s athletic history” will select the inaugural class.

“The first class will be chosen by the committee, which is made up of representatives from all areas of the county, all age groups, and all sports eras,” Westmoreland said.  “After that, the inductees will join them in the vote each year.”

He said the inductees would be announced “sometime around Clay County High School’s football homecoming” next fall at a banquet held in their honor.

For more information about the CCSHF, contact Westmoreland at 261-7278.