Officer Bill Moulton Addresses Celina Lions Club

Local students participating in a fly fishing class sponsored by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Officer Bill Moulton made a presentation to the Celina Lions Club during their recent meeting and discussed the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), which is a joint venture between Tennessee State Department of Education and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Several archery equipment manufacturers and organizations are also partners.

The program promotes student education, physical education and participation in the lifelong sport of archery with a focus on International Style Target Archery training in physical education classes in grades 4-12.

The curriculum, entitled, Archery: “On Target for Life” was co-created by the Kentucky Departments of Education and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and can also be taught in math, history, science, health or wellness classes.

Officer Moulton is also working to bring to the students of Clay County, the National Fishing in the Schools Program which is a nationwide, in school program, that teaches the positive lifetime activity of fishing to students in grades 6-12. NFSP teaches students how to cast a fly rod in the school gym while they also learn about fish, insects, aquatic resources, resource stewardship and conservation.

The NFSP’s curriculum, “Cast A Fly…Catch A Student”, was specifically created to address a broad and inclusive framework of National Academic Standards. The foundation course is designed to be taught over 10 days and meets 4 such standards: Language Arts, Physical Education, Science and Technology.

Officer Moulton acknowledged General Sessions Judge James White, teachers Rob Edwards, Gary Strong and Derrick Upchurch, principals John Denton, Cherry Ann Denton and Jo Ann McLerran, Director of Schools Donnie Cherry, Paul Boyce, and Bill Wilson for their assistance in making these programs available to the boys and girls of Clay County.

Celina Lions Club President Ronald Bailey has announced a new program that is designed to recognize outstanding contributions to our community by individuals and organizations.   Each Lions club member will be responsible for identifying an activity that is in some way benefiting the county and inviting a representative to come to a regular meeting to discuss the program with the club.

If you have a program that you would like to promote, get in contact with a Lions Club Member, or program chairman Doug Young(260-7668) and they will try to get your program on the itinerary.