Pair of big fish seen at Star Point

BYRDSTOWN-A pair of the big smallmouth Dale Hollow Lake is known for showed up here last Saturday night (8-5-17)  at Star Point Resort.

Ray and Taylor Asberry weighed in one over 21 inches long weighing 4.15 pounds helping them total 5.55 pounds on the night and win $288 for first place.

The big fish also put Asberry in the big fish of the year award hunt, as he moved into third place.  The year-long contest is being led by Randy Roysden (4.81 lbs.) and Robbie Johnson currently holds second place (4.42 lbs.), while Anthony Jones (4.13 lbs.) rounds out the top four.

Roysden also teamed up with his grandson Aaron Talent to finish second last Saturday night, thanks to a 3.59-pound over helping them total 5.21 pounds to win $216.

Third went to Steve Smith and Brandon Cross (3.12 lbs./$144) and the final paid position was claimed by Cody Atkinson and Mady Ipock (2.89 lbs./$72).

Roysden and Talent’s big fish made an even 10 weighed in this season, which is only two shy of last year’s mark of a dozen.

There are two more tournaments remaining in the 2017 series, with the final one (August 19) serving as the last ‘Major’ event.

The week prior, no smallmouth over the top side of the slot limit were caught, but a victor was still named.

Wendell Madewell and Lance Chriswell won $288 with a pair of nice unders weighing 3.40 pounds, while Robbie and Jonah Johnson took second (3.35 lbs./$216).

Third place went to Roysden and Talent (3.27 lbs./$144) and fourth was taken by Jeff Warden and Keith Reagan (2.72 lbs./$72).

The last two events featured good turnouts of 18 boats and the final two tournaments are expected to also be big draws.

For more information about the tournament series, contact Roysden at 931-879-0555.