Prognosticators really like 10-5 record as the end nears


FootballsFor the second week in a row, there was little movement in the standings, with one exception, in the Horizon Peerless Pigskin Prognosticators race, which is nearing the end. 


10-5 was the record of choice for the week, with four of five pickers winding up with that mark, despite picking several games differently. Brent Burchett was the exception to the rule, going 7-8 on the week.


The pickers didn’t have a lot of variety on their choices in the TSSAA state championship games, where everybody but Brent went 3-2. He had chosen Boyd Buchanan over Trousdale County, which wound up with its 8th state title. 


Brian Burchette and sister Teia Adams both went undefeated in the college games, and the other three pickers went 4-1.


The problem area for the week was the NFL games, where two losses (Mark Strong and Thomas Watson) was the best mark. 


Watson edged out to a two-game lead in the overall standings (over Brian). Brent is four games out, while Strong is eight back and Adams nine out. 


The pickers get an all-NFL dose this week, with college over until the bowl games and high school school finished.


Next week will likely feature the final picking in a good selection of the upcoming bowl games.