Purchases and rate increases authorized at March city meet

CELINA-The March meeting of the City of Celina’s board of mayor and alderman resulted in the approval of new equipment purchases and an increase of rates for water line extension work preformed by the city, along with other action, according to minutes from the meeting released last week.

Minutes said alderman “Joey Locke made the motion to raise rates for water line extension work by the City to $2.50 per foot for the trencher, and $5 per foot for backhoe work” and after a second by alderman Don Haston, the motion carried.

Other news from the meeting included details of the proposal made to the county concerning the ambulance service and the authorization of equipment and other purchases.

Minutes said vice mayor/alderman Donnie Long made the motion to make the following proposal to Clay County Government concerning the Clay County Ambulance Service:

• (1) To operate the ambulance service for another year,

• (2) to ask County Government to share 50% in either a profit or loss made by the Service, and

• (3) to change from two 24-hour ambulances to one 24-hour ambulance and one 12-hour ambulance.

The information explained  “all other previous contract agreements would remain the same,” and after a Locke second, the motion carried.

Minutes showed Locke then made the motion to authorize Mayor Willie Kerr to:

• purchase a tire-changer for the maintenance building at a cost of $3,745,

• purchase a vehicle lift for the building at a cost of $4,881, and

• purchase a water leak listening device for the water department at a cost of $3,500.

Minutes said the “items will be paid for from unused project money” and said the mayor “was also authorized to seek bids on a fence for the maintenance building” to be used to “house confiscated vehicles by the City police department.”

Minutes further explained “the fence would be paid for out of unused project money and the City drug fund.”

Haston seconded Locke’s motion and it carried.

Minutes also said “before the regular meeting began, the City Beer Board granted a Beer Permit to Los Primos Mexican Restaurant on East Lake Avenue.”