Rainfall still well ahead of average; July temperatures way below normal


CELINA-The first seven months of 2009 here have seen considerably more precipitation than normal and a mixed bag on temperatures, according to National Weather Service (NWS) statistics.

Through the end of July, the reporting station here had seen a precipitation surplus nearing seven inches for the year, thanks to more heavy rain during the month, and showed cooler than average temperatures in four of the seven months, with a big temperature difference in July.

July rainfall at the local NWS station was 6.63 inches, more than two inches above the 30-year norm, but almost exactly the same as 2008, when 6.65 inches of rain was recorded. Basically half the rainfall recorded in July fell on two dates–2.08 inches on the 16th, and 1.20 inches on the 13th. 

Through the end of July, the NWS station had recorded 38.55 inches of precipitation for 2009. The 30-year average here is 32.27, putting the Celina area 6.28 inches ahead of normal through seven months. During the same stretch in 2008, only 30.21 inches of precipitation had fallen. 



Average daily high temperatures for 2009 have been a mixed bag, with four months below normal and three above normal. 

Average daily highs were above normal in February (3.4 degrees above), March (3.6 above) and April (2.1). 

Of the three months with below-average temperatures, two were considerably below and one was virtually on the 30-year average. June’s average temperature this year was 85.2, with the average at 85.7. 

Daily highs were well below average in January and, most noticeably, in July. The average high this year in January was 39.7, with a 30-year average of exactly 45 degrees. July has an average high here of 89 degrees, but this year the average high was only 83.7 degrees. There were a handful of days in July with highs only in the 70’s.