Rene Davis appointed new clerk and master


CELINA-Last Wednesday here at the Clay County Courthouse, 13th Judicial District Chancellor Ron Thurman swore in Rene Davis as the county’s new clerk and master to succeed the late Corinne McLerran, who passed away March 21 after holding the office for most of the past three decades.

Thurman appointed Davis after she, along with several other applicants, asked to be considered for the position.

“Rene has worked with all of the judges and in the legal system for years now,” local attorney Jimmy White told the HORIZON Monday.  “I don’t think the chancellor could’ve chosen a better person for the public to be confident in working with because of her extensive legal experience.”

Davis has been a legal administrative assistant for White here for over 22 years and he said she “will be a perfect fit” for the clerk and master’s office.

“I appreciate the confidence chancellor Thurman has shown me through this appointment and the support everyone has given me,” Davis said as she began her work Monday.  “This is going to be a learning process in the beginning, but with Brenda’s (Smith) help, I will do my best to serve the people of Clay County through hard work and dedication.”

Smith, who served under former clerk and master McLerran for several years, was again appointed as deputy clerk and master by Thurman to assist Davis, who described her as “a big asset” towards the transition process.

“Having Brenda will help me get acquainted with the inner-workings of the office and I can’t describe how big of a help that will actually be,” Davis said.

Davis described taking the office held by McLerran for so many years as “an honor,” and she said it will be “hard to follow in her footsteps,” but she again said she would do her best to “continue the same high level of service” offered by her predecessor.

Davis’ duties as clerk and master will include processing and filing cases in chancery court concerning constitutional issues, contract disputes, employment lawsuits, construction, real property and commercial litigation, applications for receivership and liquidation of insurance companies, state tax disputes, workers compensation, local governmental actions including appeals from a variety of local boards and commissions, applications for injunctions, writs of certiorari, emancipation of minors, and name changes.

In addition, Davis will serve as the juvenile court clerk and the probate court clerk here in the county.

See a future HORIZON for a tribute and story about the life and service of the late former clerk and master Corinne McLerran.