Representative Kelly Keisling Champions Legislation Calling for Election of Superintendents

Representative Kelly Keisling (R—Byrdstown) has added his name to HB 902.

This legislation calls for the position of superintendent to be an elected position as was the customary practice in Tennessee for many years. This allows Tennesseans to have a direct impact on the selection of the official responsible for governing education policy in their community.

“I am a firm believer in the principle that government closest to the people is best and this legislation does just that,” said Rep. Keisling. “When it comes to setting policy in the classroom, that direction should come from the parents, teachers, and citizens at the local level, not some far off department in Washington. I will work with my colleagues to ensure we undertake measures that empower Tennesseans and provide more local decision-making authority over matters like education.”

Kelly Keisling represents ClayCounty in the State House of Representatives.

The text of HB 902 can be found here.