School board re-elects leaders


CELINA-The Clay County school board voted at its September meeting to keep its leadership intact for another year. 


The board voted unanimously to keep board chairman Dickie Roberts and vice-chair Russell Cherry in the spots they have held for the past two years.


The two swapped jobs in a 2007 vote by board members. Roberts, who had served as the vice-chair the previous year, got the chairman’s post in a 6-4 vote, and Cherry moved from chairman to the vice-chair spot.


In 2008, Roberts retained the post in a September vote following the August election, which put three new members on the board. It took two votes to settle the matter, as the first vote resulted in a 5-5 deadlock between Roberts and Cherry, with each man voting for himself. In a second vote at the same meeting, Cherry changed his vote to Roberts, who then retained the seat by another 6-4 vote.


There was less suspense in the vote last week, with Roberts and Cherry being unanimously re-elected to their posts and each being the only nominee for their respective seat. Cherry and Roberts are the two senior members of the board, both having served since the 1980’s. 


The board also acted on several other measures at the meeting, and discussed in some detail a security system for Clay County High School. More information is being gathered on that for possible action at the next meeting.