Tennessee’s 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment prepares for deployment


KNOXVILLE-After completing more than 3 weeks annual training at Camp Shelby (MS), Tennessee’s largest combat unit is preparing to return to the south Mississippi mobilization station on the first leg of their scheduled overseas deployment.


The Regiment will move to Camp Shelby on or about December 5th to begin mobilization training.  The 278th ACR is now scheduled to train for approximately two months at Camp Shelby, before being deployed to Iraq in February 2010.


More than 3,300 Soldiers comprise the 278th ACR, which stretches from Kingsport to Henderson. 

Further updates on the mobilization and deployment will be provided as available.


Inquiries concerning the 278th ACR should be directed to Maj. Alan Mingledorff at 615-500-8937, or [email protected]