Thompson will run for city mayor


CELINA-Incumbent mayor Buddy Thompson announced last week he would be a candidate for that seat in the city elections here in June.

Thompson, a local businessman and retired USDA consumer safety inspector, said continuing efforts to clean up the city and improving sidewalks, working to attract and keep industry and business, and promoting tourism would be his goals if voters see fit to return him to office.

Thompson has held the mayor’s office the past four years, assuming that office from the vice-mayor’s spot following the newly-elected mayor’s resignation, and has served the city as alderman or mayor for 20 years. 

Thompson served the city as mayor for three consecutive two-year terms in the late 1980’s and early ’90’s, and has served a total of 10 years as alderman.

“I appreciate being given the opportunity to serve in city government for a total of 20 years,” Thompson said. “I really appreciate all the support I’ve received through the years, and I would appreciate that support again.”

Thompson spent 40 years as a consumer safety inspector in Middle Tennessee meat plants and slaughter plants, retiring about a year and a half ago to devote his full-time efforts as city mayor. He had served in a part-time capacity for basically the first two years of his term. 

“We’ve made progress in cleaning up the town, but there is more work to be done,” Thompson said. “This is very important not only for the people who live and work here, but in helping attract more tourists to the town. I hope our businesses and citizens will join hands with city officials to make our town look as good as it can.” 

Part of improving that image is improving city sidewalks, a project that is underway and will be completed as weather allows, Thompson said. 

Thompson said city government needs to “play its part in attracting industry to the town. We need to work with county government and other officials to do what we can to bring industry here, and to expand our existing industry.”

The city must also focus its efforts on promoting tourism and helping existing retail businesses when possible, Thompson said.

“We need to look in every direction we can to boost our economy in Celina and the surrounding area,” Thompson said. “We have a great natural tourist attraction in Dale Hollow Lake just a few miles away. We need to continue to explore all the possibilities in using tourism to help our economy.

“Not only will a good tourist base help local businesses, it will create jobs and that’s something we definitely need,” Thompson said.  “We also need to do everything we can to create a good climate for our existing businesses.

“I hope to see as many of you as I can before the June election,” Thompson said. “If you have questions or suggestions about anything , please contact me. I want to continue to be your voice in city government,” Thompson said.