Tri-County Electric holds its annual meeting in Edmonton



EDMONTON (KY)-Approximately 200 people participated in Tri-County Electric’s Annual Members Meeting, May 7th, at Metcalfe County High School here.

George Cowan, Director of District E, welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Paul Thompson, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Tri-County Electric, introduced business and political leaders as well as other TCEMC partners.  During the business meeting Tom Purkey, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association, and Ron Sheets, President of the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives, addressed the members.  

During his report, Executive Vice President and General Manager Paul Thompson thanked the members for their attendance and support of Tri-County Electric.  He focused on the theme of this year’s Annual Meeting – “Power Partners:  Completing your energy picture”.  Thompson joined Ron Sheets & Tom Purkey in emphasizing the potential financial impact on Tri-County Electric member-owners and the very real possibility of higher electric rates if Congress passes the proposed climate change/carbon tax legislation.

logoThompson also reported Tri-County Electric’s strong financial position and the fact that as a local member-owned cooperative the revenue generated is reinvested through system upgrades, maintenance and expansions.  In closing, Thompson remarked on Tri-County Electric’s involvement throughout our service area in many areas including economic development, scholarship programs and local civic organizations and stated Tri-County Electric’s commitment “to following the cooperative business model of putting our member-owners first in everything we do while maintaining our primary focus of delivering high-quality, reliable and affordable service.”

Many members took advantage of free blood pressure checks provided by Edmonton Primary Care.  Information booths were set-up by the Edmonton-Metcalfe County Chamber of Commerce, University of Kentucky Extension Service and TVA.  Denny Whalen and Rick Arnold were very popular and busy; Denny as the Caricaturist and Rick airbrushing names on the free T-shirts given to children in attendance.

Tri-County Electric provided information on our products and services and members could also take bucket truck rides and observe the safety demonstration.  

Numerous door prizes were awarded during the evening’s activities, including the $500 cash won by Junior B. Cary of Burkesville.  Tri-County’s logo was displayed on the tote bags filled with coffee mugs, compact fluorescent bulbs and seed packets and, as earlier mentioned, each child was given a Tri-County Electric T-shirt.  Free hot dogs, chips, cokes and ice cream were provided for everyone.  Principal David Nole was very kind in allowing Tri-County Electric to utilize the school facilities.  School Administrative Manager Ronnie Smith was extremely helpful.  Special thanks to Joyce Snyder, Cafeteria Director at MCHS, for ordering the food and Joyce & Faye for preparing and serving the refreshments.  Additional thanks to the school custodians – Jerry & Mr. Raymond.

Haley Poynter was drawn as the winner of a new Dell computer.  Haley is from Edmonton and is the 11 year old daughter of Sammie & Sharon Poynter.  Tri-County Electric also donated an identical computer to Edmonton Elementary School where Haley is a student.

As required by the TCEMC bylaws, a meeting of the Board of Directors was held immediately following the Annual Meeting.  Officers elected were President, Tony Bentle, District W; Vice-President, Darace Tabor, District S; Secretary-Treasurer, Ray Goad, District L.

Tammy Dixon is the marketing manager for Tri-County Electric.