Tri-County Electric warns members of newest scam

Members of Tri-County Electric have reported being contacted by phone from someone selling home security systems and claiming to represent Tri-County Electric even though Tri-County does not sell security systems.

While the cooperative does sell Marathon water heaters, Panamax surge protection and NOAA public alert radios, in addition to electricity, no one from Tri-County Electric will ever call and ask you to buy a product.

In order to prevent such scams Tri-County reminds its members: they will not contact you asking for personal information and they recommend that you contact your local law enforcement agency regarding any solicitation requesting personal information; you should contact your local Tri-County Electric office and law enforcement if anyone claiming to represent Tri-County Electric comes to your home asking for payment for any reason; and any Tri-County Electric employee who has a reason to come to your home will be wearing company identified clothing and driving a vehicle with the Tri-County Electric logo.

If the person does not have on a Tri-County Electric shirt and/or is not driving a marked vehicle, you should stay inside your home and contact your local Tri-County Electric office immediately.