Water main flushing will begin next month in city

CELINA-Water-main flushing will start here soon to “insure good quality drinking water” for customers, city officials announced last week.

The opening of fire hydrants and flushing is necessary to remove any sediments from water mains, and will start on April 12, taking four to six weeks to complete, officials said.

“The water crew will be closing valves and opening hydrants” during this time, and water will be running down the streets, which is “normal and not a cause for alarm,” a city news release said.

The flushing is scheduled from about 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“If water fixtures are opened during the flushing time schedule,” the news release said, “there is a change of dirty water entering into the water pipes of your house.”

If there is discoloration in your water after that, officials said, “please let your cold water run in the bathtub for several minutes until it runs clear. The discoloration is from sediment and is normal and not unhealthy.”

The procedure is part of “water supply improvements being made in your neighborhood,” officials said.