West is new school board chairman

CELINA-In their September meeting earlier this month, members of the Clay County School Board elected new leadership, recognized newly seated board members, rescheduled their October meeting, and handled other business pertaining to the school system.

After calling the meeting to order for what would be the last time in his tenure as chairman, Dickie Roberts introduced newly elected board members Veda Hix, Todd Lynn, and Nathan Sherrell, who won their seats in the August election.

The floor was then opened for nominations for chairman.  Anthony Smith nominated David West and Roberts nominated Russell Cherry.

The roll was called with Smith, Sherrell, Lynn, Hix, West, Annette Smith, Jerry Eads, and Heather Hammock voting for West.  Cherry received votes from Roberts and himself.

West became the 2010-2011 board chairman by the eight to two margin and the floor was then opened to nominations for vice-chairman.

Eads nominated Anthony Smith and Roberts again nominated Cherry.  Smith became the vice-chairman behind votes from Eads, Sherrell, Lynn, West, Annette Smith, and himself.  Cherry fell short again, but by a smaller margin, garnering votes from Hix, Hammock, Roberts, and himself.

West and Smith immediately assumed their roles and directed the remainder of the meeting.

In their first order of business under the new leadership, the board voted to set next month’s board meeting for October 4 at Maple Grove School at 6 p.m., instead of the regularly scheduled monthly date because it fell during the system’s fall break.

In other business, the board voted to:

• request bids for a lawn mower, desktop and tablet computers, and a telephone system for Hermitage Springs School,

• re-bid the ventilator with fire suppression system for Maple Grove School due to only receiving one bid of $28,060 from Dykes Restaurant Supply, Inc.,

• approve the revised policy of fixed assets on the first reading, and

• approve several trip requests.